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Shinnecock Canal Canoe Place
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(How to) Participate: Sketches of Local History

William Merritt Chase pictured what was meaningful and important in his time: depicting the natural lands and seascape that he and his family cherished in and around the time the Shinnecock Canal was completed (1892) 

Today, as the Town of Southampton celebrates the 375th anniversary of its founding, the lands surrounding the Canal are besieged by plans and proposals for private development. Some are not water dependent or related uses as mandated in Town Plans since 1999. A recent (Jan 2015) example is a zone change approved by the Town Board, despite opposition by the Planning Board, that enables the developer to realize their plans by giving exemptions from codes intended to protect our shores and clean waters.

Why it’s timely for Us to redraw the Gateway to our Community: 
envision the Shinnecock Canal as we like it.
As We want it to be.
How We would like to see it developed.

This project is intended as Our chance to do just that. 
I invite You to create a Sketch(es) to post here. 

Your Sketch can be your fantasy 
for this point of land and surrounding waters.
Create Your Sketch by following a path that parallels plans presented to Elected officials, The Town Supervisor and Town Councilpersons, and their Advisory Boards: Planning, Architectural Review and Zoning for approval: read more  

 Prepare a digital file of your Sketch(es):  jpeg 72 dpi; sized less then 12” x 12” in any dimension less then 12 mb. 

 Name the jpeg digital file:  Last name, First name, _Title or Untitled. jpeg
Number files if you submit more then one: Last name, First name_Title or Untitled. 2. jpeg

Your welcome to accompany your Sketch with a statement of a hundred words or less

Email your submission(s) to: 
Upon submission, you retain ownership of your sketch(‘s) posted online for the public to freely access; your Sketch(es) and statement will be included in any related activities and events of this project.

Sketches (with or without) accompanying personal statements will be posted online here... 
listed in chronological order.
Email notification of submission will be sent to Town Board Members, Planners and Trustees; selected Suffolk County Officials (who retain jurisdiction over the Canal).
1909-1910,  Postcard Rogers Memorial Library Collection

copyright2015 Hope Sandrow

You are invited

to Sketch the Shinnecock Canal:

the Gateway to our Community

as You like it

as You imagine it

envision the Canal that might be

(to) participate in a public art project created by

Conceptual Artist Hope Sandrow

who has a home and studio in Shinnecock Hills (since 1976),

nearby the historic home and studio in Shinnecock Hills of 
Plein Air Painter William Merritt Chase
 (1891 -1916)  on Canoe Place Road; 
Chase’s Public Studio located in the Art Village where he founded, directed the Shinnecock Summer School of Painting wmc_-_video_Alicia_Longwell.html
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