local history:
Shinnecock Canal Canoe Place
 40°53′15″N 72°30′5″Whome_index.html

top, Photographic Panorama simulates Rechler Townhouse development “Boathouses on Shinnecock”; below, pictures  shuttered Tiderunners restaurant  as it is now...

copyright2015 Ulf Skogsbergh

View final site plan proposed by Developer of “Boathouses on Shinnecock” (details below) and approved by Town Board January 13, 2015, obtained at Town Clerks office 12/30/2014. Note that Town Conservation Rules require 50 ft setback from the waters edge but exempted due to the zone change to CPICEMPDD 

  1. 1)bldg #3: 7 ft from edge of canal                                                  2) Wall surrounding Pool:  5 ft from edge of canal (pool is 25 ft from canal)          3) Club House (building 2): 5 ft from boat basin wall 

                                                                                                             building #4 touches the Wetland Buffer                          

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