local history:
Shinnecock Canal Canoe Place
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William Merritt Chase

The Lone Fisherman c.1890 Oil  38.1 x 30.1 Hood Museum

A goal for “Sketches of Local History” is that participants find themselves in the moments where Art matters as Chase did in the years he lived and painted in Shinnecock Hills.

Since the first “prehistoric” drawings found on cave walls, viewers of art have understood that pictures have transformative powers. That personal visions of the world we live in contribute to a richness of possibilities; inspiring dialogue and action.

By inviting you to join with me in reimagining the waters and lands surrounding the Canal in your sketches, pressing community concerns can be amplified and addressed individually and communally. Each sketch can reflect the aesthetics of a landscape and community you want to live in. Creating an archive of individual visions from which to draw inspiration from to shape our future.

copyright2015 Hope Sandrow