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Town Comprehensive Plans (since 1999) were produced as a means for governing by consensus all development proposals by law and order. The Plans incorporate facts on the ground with those of Residents concerns. In this process, each proposal is judged on the merits; effect on neighboring lands; and the health and safety of the community by Elected Officials.

Currently, Jackson’s Marina at the southeast end of the Canal is for sale.

Discussions for development are also underway by the property owner of adjacent lands immediately south of the overpass along the Canal: however increased traffic accessing Montauk Highway would only exacerbate currently congested road conditions -  as well as for environmental.

Recently, Developers have adopted the tactic of applying for a PDD zone change for exemption from codes and laws.

This was the action undertaken by Rechler Equity seeking a zone change to CPICEMPDD in order to build more than 72,000 sq ft of residential development (“Boathouses on Shinnecock”) on lands they purchased along the eastern shore of the Canal specifically zoned non-residential at the time of sale. The right to build on the land was 17,000 sq ft for Public Recreation, Restaurant and Hotel Use including Public Access to the Canal; adhering to Conservation Laws. requiring setback to Wetlands.

Read the Hydrology Reports for this site plan:  FPM hydrology reports.pdf

A Town Zoning Review and a Town Planning Board Resolution cite Codes and Standards, Town Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Studies, and Draft Water Protection Plan as reasons for denying the Rechler Townhouse development cited above.

Former Town Board Member Doug Penny wrote “ I was a life long resident of Hampton Bays, previously served on the Town Board, and was the primary author of the law which has morphed into PDD. This project does not meet the intended criteria”.

Despite those reasons and reports; the Town’s denial of a development on lands adjacent to the Canal; and opposition (see note below)  by Residents just east of the proposed development as well as throughout the Town: the Town Board approved the zone change to a CPICEMPDD which, in effect, exempts the development from complying with environmental codes and plans. Allowing 72,000 sq ft of Townhouses; 1800 sq ft private clubhouse; and a 17 slip private access marina (previously public). The scenic view of the Canal blocked by this massive development; the sole public access proposed on a preexisting dock.

Reasons why many who opposed the zone change formed “Shinnecock Neighbors” to appeal the zone change: read the press release: Shinnecock Canal press release (1).pdf

view the website:

Note: I authored two online petitions: 1238 signatures were gathered in six weeks (Dec - Jan 13, 2015)


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